The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City (12/07/13)

Details from Dolce & Gabbana fall 2014

“An entry from the diary of a young Charlotte Brontë recalls a stormy night and is ‘crazily compressed into nearly microscopic print.’”

Central Mexico, Mixtec (Mixtec), Mask, ca. 1000/1500, wood, turquoise, and shell
Portland Art Museum
Anonymous: Enough with the labelling and self victimization! You are only stopping yourself from suceeding!


Socialists expect me to act social, that is to change me into their own image; much in that a racist would ask PoC to “act white”. Its the same schtick.

it’s not the same at all though lol introverts aren’t even oppressed…fingers crossed that this is a joke but i honestly don’t know with this damn site anymore 

cube is such a good movie 


City of Brotherly Love, meet the City of Brotherly … Killing? On April 21, 752 BC (or 753 BC?—no one’s quite sure about the year, but they all agree on the day), Romulus killed his brother Remus and then founded the city of Rome. If the story isn’t crazy enough for you, just remember that Romulus and Remus were orphaned as babies but were nursed by a wolf until they were discovered and raised by the shepherd Faustulus. And you thought your family was weird. “Romulus and Remus Nursed by a She-Wolf,” 1805, by Josef Bergler II
Me: I'm going to have the most romantic, memorable, elegant wedding of all time.
An hour later: I should research more religious orders.

trying to find a simple basic piece of clothing at forever 21 is a pain….i just wanted a cheap plain white dress but everything had upside down crosses on it or triangle cutouts on the back 


Lalibela, Ethiopia’s rock-hewn Bet Gabriel-Rufael church.
Lalibela is a town in northern Ethiopia that is famous for its monolithic rock-cut churches. Lalibela is one of Ethiopia’s holiest cities, second only to Aksum, and is a center ofpilgrimage for much of the country. Unlike Aksum, the population of Lalibela is almost completely Ethiopian Orthodox Christian. Its churches are several centuries old.