Christy Turlington for Christian Dior  FW 1993-94

Black Snake, marble and limestone. By William E. Nutt (2002)
i think they mean you look like kate mara? you do look a bit like her

yeah that is what they meant haha….the way they worded it made me think they meant personality-wise (“you are just like zoe”)

and i can see it! :)

someone told me i’m just like zoe from house of cards….is that a good or bad thing? 

last night i had a dream that all my aunts uncles and cousins and all the nuns priests and bishops i know from the convent were at my grandparents’ house. one of the nuns and one of my aunts spoke to my mother and asked if they could totally start over and put all the fighting behind them and my mom said yes. chessie and maui were running around the yard and a bishop was playing with them. we all decided to go out to lunch. we had to take like 10 cars because there were so many of us. i was in our van with my siblings and some cousins….it was so packed that the car was tilting to one side. i was just so happy….everyone i love was there and were all getting along again. and in the dream i knew my grandparents were dead like in real life but i knew they helped this happen and i was thanking them over and over. so yeah sometimes my dreams are not subtle at all haha.


Limbourg Brothers, The Adoration of the Magi, 1408-09.  Illumination (from Les Belles Heures du Jean de France, Duc de Berry), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Harpers Bazaar US Apr 1990 - Naomi Campbell by Philip Dixon

Mica Hand Hopewell, Ross County, Ohio (Mound 25) c. 100 BCE - 500 CE Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL, USA