'Crucifix', Eric Gill | Tate
Eric Gill / Crucifix 1917

Vincenzo Balocchi - Love in Florence, 1940s.

Valentino, Fall 2014 Haute Couture
we do that hand heart thing when we say goodbye on skype, yeah lame i know…anyway when i was going through my pictures i saw that the guy on the sign behind us is doing it haha
meeting my family in italy…look how she’s looking at him, so precious 

it’s so infuriating to love someone this much but not be allowed to…not be allowed to act on it, not be allowed to let the world know. I’m so so angry right now, that I have to tell myself to crush these feelings or be prepared to. finally something real and true after all the awful things these past two years but still no smooth sailing. I really am reaching my breaking point and I’m glad he’s coming back so we can talk in person. I can’t do anything else, it’s up to him, something has to be decided. I’m just done done done. I feel so nauseous and scared and so terribly lonely. how did I get myself into this? my goodness I did not sign up for this!!

my biggest fear with this j situation is that i’ll just be a mistake he made…when this romantic aspect of our relationship ends like it will have to if he doesn’t leave, that will all have been a mistake/i’ll have been a sin he indulged in for a while…how can i carry that?? 

Posy ring with pictogram inscription, ‘Two hands, one heart, Till death us part.’ Made in England in the 17th century (source).

Ocimar Versolato SS97